Maandelijks archief: november 2011

19 November 2011 | Nest 1.3 | Nest Nacht – Closing Night | Gerststraat 70 | 9000 Gent 

This saturday the third get-together will take place at our workshop, and as it will be our last time at this location, it will be a special one. We present more than 15 young artists, bringing you an eclectic mix of screenprints, drawings, painting, video, live visuals, performance, comedy, music, noise, photography,  dj’s, vj’s and much more! All in a cosy atmosphere with a cocktailbar, tasty food and a cheap art shop.

Entrance is free as always, hope to see you there!

EXPO: Sander Van Raemdonck / Tom Van Lippevelde / Niels Verougstraete/ Dietmar Michiels / Sabbo Verleye / Joris De Rycke / Yann Bronder / Quinten De Bruyn/ Ingeborg Deglein

LIVE VISUALS: Multicolor / Ovide / Zoötroop

LIVE ACTS & DJ’S: Road Fox (urbanus imitations) / De Vogelen Des Velds (radio centraal) / Asthma Kid (wheelchair tunes)/ Enkidu (ambient dj) / Ancient Delay (live noise) / Crack-House Posse (live noise) / Macbain (Psyche rock dj) / omphaloskepsis (wierdo)

EXTRA: Cheap art shop / Cocktails & Irish Coffee / Tasty food